The main advantage of the use of marble is its hardness and longevity. It is a stone that is extracted directly from nature. For this, large blocks of marble are cut in the quarries which will then be cut into sheets adapted to the thickness that is required. For this reason, it is a material of great hardness and longevity. In fact, it is customary to reuse this type of stone from one work to another, since by its nature it does not change over time. In the case that it has lost its natural brightness, it will be enough to polish it so that it returns to look like in the first times of use. Precisely, the polishing determines a characteristic that we can choose in the use of the marble. We are referring to texture. The textures we can find on the marble countertops are two, rough or smooth. Rugged if the stone is less treated, and smooth if we have polished the surface for it. In both cases we are faced with the same type of material, so choosing between one form and another will be a matter that will depend more on personal taste.

However, the marble does present some disadvantages that it is good that we know when opting for this type of worktops. Because it is a stone, it has a great porosity. This means that it has a large number of small holes through which any substance that comes in contact with the marble can penetrate. Therefore, if we decide to use this material for a kitchen worktop, we must be very careful that oil does not fall on its surface as it will absorb it immediately. However, today there are sealing treatments that suppress the porosity of the marble and make them use and clean without problem. Finally, the other great disadvantage is that the marble is a very heavy material. Precisely because it is a solid stone plate its weight is very high, which is often difficult to transport. However, since it will only have to be moved for installation, it will suffice for several people who are responsible for moving it to save this small disadvantage. Click here to know more about Cheaper Quotes to Place or Change Marble Countertops.

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